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Abrasives, Polishing

No lacquered or painted wooden surface reaches its full shine potential without a final polish. For the restoration and finishing of ancient and more contemporary wooden objects, our polishing and abrasive products will help you to achieve the smoothest, shiniest surfaces. We stock the whole gamut of abrasives from coarse sandpaper and steel wool for preparing paint or varnish surfaces to the super-fine, "non-abrasive" Micro-Mesh™ abrasives essential for brilliant shine.

If you are prone to wasting precious time looking in all the crannies of your tool box or workshop for the perfect paint brush or cleaning rag, it might be more convenient for you to buy a range of polishing cloths, sanding blocks and cushioned abrasive sheets specifically designed for a variety of wood polish products. We stock several handy, comprehensive polishing kits. Whatever stage of the restoration process you have reached, we have the wood abrasives you need.