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  • Big Bends Nut Sauce Lil Luber Guitar Lubricant (0.5cc)

Big Bends Nut Sauce Lil Luber (0.5cc)


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Used by Professionals the world over, Nut Sauce is the Guitar Techs and Players secret to staying in tune and ending string breakage! Use this when changing strings and doing setups.

Nut Sauce is a cutting-edge lubricant that is applied to the nut, bridge, string guides and pivot points of the bridge. It is clean and safe, will not run or drip, and is non-staining. Nut Sauce is entirely synthetic and contains no petroleum products.

Nut Sauce has the lowest coefficiency of friction of any product of its kind in the world. That means nothing can keep you in-tune or reduce string breakage like Big Bends Nut Sauce! Nut Sauce unleashes a player's talent by removing concerns about tuning and string breakage. Nut Sauce also stops wear and tear at the bridge and nut, increases sustain and harmonics, and improves overall playability of any stringed instrument. Don't be fooled by knock-off imitations.

Easy to apply using supplied applicator. 0.5cc size "Lil Luber". Also includes a sticker.

Here's what the pros have to say about it:

Joe Satriani "Nut Sauce…works perfect."

Will Ray "I use Nut Sauce every time I change strings, on every guitar I own."

Brad Gillis "Love Big Bends Nut Sauce"

Elliot Easton "Instead of worrying about going out of tune of breaking strings on my Elliot Easton signature Bigsby equipped Gretsch...I can concentrate on playing the guitar…You are the champion of string benders and whammy shakers everywhere!"

Lee Dickson, Guitar Tech for Eric Clapton 30 + years; currently with Greg Martin (Kentucky Headhunters) "I use Nut Sauce every time I change strings!"

Brian Sateia, Guitar Tech with Alice Cooper band "Don't do a gig without it..."

Chris Kodjamanis (one of the UK's top Guitar Techs) "Every time I re-string a guitar I use Nut Sauce. Have done so for years and will continue to do so."

Cris Lepurage, Guitar Tech for bands such as: Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Foreigner, Iron Maiden, Lady Gaga, Godsmack (to name a few) "I'm sure to use Big Bends Nut Sauce every time I change strings."

Dave "Pops" Clements, Guitar Tech past and present bands include: Frank Zappa, Meatloaf, John Hiatt, Guns'N Roses, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Jay Leno, Beyonce, Jay Z, Megadeth, Paul McCartney and on and on his portfolio goes "Nut Sauce - Used on a daily basis."

Product Reviews

  1. Better than pencil lead

    Posted by David Snowdon on 2nd Jan 2017

    Ive been an advocate of pencil lead to lubricate nut slots for about 40 years and while it's good, there are times when you need something a bit more slippery. I made my first acoustic guitar last year and one of the hardest parts was making a good well fitting nut, where the strings dont stick while tuning, especially the d and g strings. On my fourth attempt, I may have finally sorted it and nut sauce certainly helped!

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