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Binding, Purfling, Trim

Guitar binding (edging strips, banding) are a crucial element of the overall design of your guitar. Adhered to or inlaid into the guitar's edges, fretboard or around the soundhole, they provide just the right amount of ornamentation to turn heads.

Choose a real wood edging strip in a complementary colour to your guitar or an eye-catching pattern to create a striking visual effect. Or go for celluloid, highly reflective strips in pearloid, ivoroid or tortoiseshell finishes. We stock long edging strips in a variety of materials which are easy to manipulate into the correct channels on your guitar's body.

For top quality decorative effects, guitar purfling could be what you need. Inlaid into the wood itself, close to the edge of the instrument, shell, abalone, mother of pearl and paua provide a high calibre finish. Available in Rothko and Frost sets of both straight and curved purfling strips, you can easily match your choice of edging with a rosette around your acoustic guitar's soundhole. Our purfling supplies catalogue also includes rosettes which have been pre-cut in intricate marquetry designs.