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Bulk Discounts (and a note on trade accounts)

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Hi all,

We've updated some of our product pages to make information on multibuy/bulk/quantity discounts as clear as possible.

If such discounts are available you'll now see a table detailing the thresholds and % discounts right there with the main product details, just to the right of the image. These discounts are all automatically applied in the basket, you'll be able to see them before checkout by clicking "View Basket" at the top of the site.

Quantity discounts, which as mentioned now show in a table with other key product details, apply to groups of products so you can mix and match to achieve the quantity thresholds. Taking our Tinted Nitrocellulose Lacquer as an example (here it is), a 10% discount is available on orders of 5+. That can be any 5 Tinted Nitrocellulose Lacquers, though - 5 cans in 5 different colours will get you the discount, it doesn't have to all be in the same can or even the same container. The same principle applies to all products on which we offer bulk discounts, including decals - even if you order different wording in the same style, or a few in different colours, these still all contribute to your quantity discount!

As a side note to this, we often get asked if we offer trade accounts through our store www.rothkoandfrost.com. Currently, no. We took this decision in an effort to be as fair as possible to our broad customer base, trade users included. As an alternative to traditional trade accounts, we instead offer competitive pricing by default and a wide-ranging discount structure based on quantity.

That's all for now,


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