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Inlay Offcuts Available

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We recently started cutting all of our own inlay on-site, allowing us to offer you a massive range of ready made inlay shapes and sizes, as well as a custom inlay service.

For those of you who like to cut your own and don't mind a bit of creative saw work, we are now offering bags of inlay offcuts - the bits of blanks left once we've cut our shapes. Each bag is 50g and it's totally lucky dip as to what you'll receive in terms of shape and size, but each one has a pretty good selection. They're particularly good for smaller inlays and jewellery where you don't necessarily need the larger continuous area offered by our pristine uncut blanks; if you can make use of them they're an absolute bargain.

Check them out here: http://www.rothkoandfrost.com/shell-and-recon-stone-offcuts-50g-bag/

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