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Music Nomad Cleaning Products Review

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Keeping an instrument in a clean and functional order can be time consuming and occasionally costly, but if you get into the habit of looking after an instrument it’s less likely to let you down mid-gig or performance.And a little time and money on a regular basis can save a potentially expensive trip to the guitar tech down the line.

This week I’m putting four products through their paces: Guitar Polish, Guitar Detailer, F-One Oil and a Polishing Cloth from Music Nomad – whose product line has been praised by NAMM and the wider guitar community.

First impressions:

Eye catching, brightly coloured bottles, and the label proudly announcing that a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting thousands of musicians via Music Nomad’s music advocacy program.We’re off to a good start. Nomad also only use environmentally friendly bottles and ingredients for their cleaning solutions.Another tick.

I was slightly concerned though that Nomad’s F-One Oil (lemon oil equivalent) was half the size of the other Nomad solutions as I get through a lot of lemon oil!Otherwise everything as expected from a professional range of cleaning products.The polish is safe with all lacquer finishes including nitro so all set to go.


I left my Gibson Lucille to gather dust for a few weeks to set up for this trial. I started off applying some polish and it immediately delivered a stunning shine. Once buffered, I could see my face in the reflection. I was disappointed by the cloth though.Being ‘lint free’ I hadn’t expected it to shed bits but it did.All over my freshly buffered finish. I switched to my regular cleaning cloth by Planet Waves and re-buffed to perfection.

Now I put the Guitar Detailer through its paces.After applying a thin layer I was already impressed. It really quickly smoothed even the slightest of buffing inconsistencies.It also held the finish well. I later found out the detailer contains anti-static agents to help to prevent dust from settling on the instrument it's applied to. On checking the Lucille a week after this trial (all my guitars are hung on the wall using Hercules wall hangers), I was delighted to find almost no dust had settled at all.

Finally I gave the fretboard a clean With the F-One Oil.As an alternative to lemon oil, I was extremely interested in this product. Lemon oil can potentially cause damage by drying out a fretboard over a long period of time due to its chemical make up and naturally acidic nature. I needed have been concerned about the size of the bottle as a little went a long way.The F-One oil also had a substantially smoother feel after application and removed all of the dirt and grime in an Instant.


A really great set of products resulting in a very clean and shiny guitar that looks better than the day that I bought it. Having been recently acquired second hand, I had noticed that some of the hardware had oxidized and there were a few smudges in the finish that I had presumed were from playing wear. Nomad’s very clever and well thought out products have returned my treasured axe to a former glory!

Final Verdict:

Pros – The F-One Oil was fantastic and I shall be swapping to this instead of lemon oil from now on; The Guitar Detailer’s anti static agent kept my guitar dust free; These products smell great too!

Cons – Slightly more expensive that other cleaners (although less required perhaps?); The cloth was not to my liking and I shall be sticking to my Planet Waves cloth.

Written by Russell Clements

If you want to try any of these products out for yourself the full range of Music Nomad's award winning cleaning solutions are available to purchase here

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