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Show Rig Update

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We're starting to plan for the next year of guitar shows and events that we'll be attending, and an important part of this is what we'll be taking along as a demo rig.  Here's some info on the rig we used at this year's Great British Guitar Show and our plans for how we'll develop it in the next year.

If there's anything in particular you want to see - let us know!

Frontline: 42nd Street Instruments

We were astonished by the build quality of these tremendous instruments which garnered a great deal of attention over the course of the event. Most notably, the retro-inspired R-Cab model, a Frankenstein of a guitar created with the best aspects of Rickenbacker, Gretsch and Telecaster in mind, stole the show. The sound of the Mojotone pickups in combination with the guitar's semi-hollow body, was breath-taking on both clean and overdriven amp settings; and its natural sustain was highly praised by all who heard it. The series – 6 and Broadway – 6 models were also applauded for their great vintage tones, thanks in part to the high quality, passionately crafted Radioshop pickups installed in both guitars (63 Specials for the Series – 6 and a Vintage 58 Tele set for the Broadway – 6).

We were thrilled to demonstrate these guitars throughout the event. After consumer feedback and with hindsight, we have decided that extending our line of demonstration guitars would be valuable. We would delight in the addition to our rig, in particular, of a humbucker-equipped instrument; as well as a left-handed version of our most popular demonstration guitar so that everyone can get the most out of our instruments, pedals and backline when we stage live or recorded product demonstrations.

On The Floor: Mooer Pedals

One of the most crowd-pleasing product ranges at Rothko and Frost's stall this year was our Mooer stomp box collection. The technology and consideration that have gone into the creation of this line of mini pedals is staggering. Our current pedalboard includes Baby Tuner, Reecho Digital Delay, Ninety Orange Analog Phaser, Green Mile Overdrive and Pure Octave pedals; all powered by Mooer’s own Micro Power device.

The Green Mile Overdrive and Ninety Orange Analog Phaser were certainly the stars of the day. These pedals proved popular due to their emulation of the warm, classic sounds of Ibanez Tube Screamers and Dunlop MXR Phase 90s. Crucially, though, they come in a much more stream-lined package; and if there is one commodity which is in great demand for a guitarist, it is the space on their pedalboard.

On reflection, we were a little disappointed that for reasons beyond our control we could not demonstrate these super pedals on a Pedaltrain Nano pedalboard. Instead, we compromised with an impractical, yet, admittedly, beautiful sycamore pedalboard. We will certainly demo pedals in a more suitable housing in the future and we are exploring the idea of building an entirely new pedal rig for larger pedals as our product line grows.

Backline: ZT Lunchbox Amp

Our current backline amplifier is the compact, extraordinarily efficient ZT Lunchbox Amp. This effortlessly transportable amplifier packs a tonal punch and is ideal for guitarists who are constantly on the go. One of the most noted aspects of the amp was how loud it was for its tiny proportions. Despite the venue's large, open location and the general noise pollution, we never needed to turn the volume above 60% for it to deliver beautiful, distortion-free sound. This means that the clean headroom this amp delivers is enormous.

The ZT Lunchbox Amp, in combination with our Mooer pedalboard, gave us the most conveniently portable rig that we could build. So for guitar players who desire a great tone to weight ratio from their equipment, these products come seriously highly recommended.

In the future, we will include a Blackstar ID Series Combo Amp to our demonstration rig for maximum tonal demonstration potential. As not everyone is a fan of diminutive amplifiers, we want to cater to those who value enhanced tone above all else. Blackstar has created and is, of course, still creating some of the finest, award-winning UK-built amplifiers in the industry.

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