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Cellulose Sanding Sealer - Clear

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Clear cellulose sanding sealer for use underneath clear and tinted nitrocellulose lacquers.

Available bottled (for use in spray guns) and in easy-to-use 400ml aerosol spray cans. This is a high quality, high build cellulose sanding sealer for use on bare wood, and is an essential first stage in finishing to ensure a high quality professional finish.

Q. Are there general usage guidelines for cellulose sanding sealer?

  • Touch dry in 8-10 minutes
  • Sandable within 1 hour
  • Recoatable within 1 hour
  • Key (with 400 or 600 grit) between coats
  • Coverage of approximately 8 sq metres per litre
  • Recommended 1-3 coats
  • Do not apply more than 3 coats in one day
  • Allow 12 hours minimum before applying next product i.e. tinted lacquer, clear lacquer etc.

Q. What is sanding sealer?

Cellulose sanding sealer is similar to our nitrocellulose lacquer, but it has an added sanding compound which gives it a much higher build, allows it to fill small gaps in the wood and means it is able to be sanded to a very smooth 600 grit finishwhich is the ideal starting point for your colour and top coats.

Q. Why should I use a sanding sealer?

Wood is a natural material which varies greatly in porosity and hardness even within a small area. When finishing you want an even finish - even in colour, in thickness, in level. Sanding sealer performs two tasks:

  1. It seals the wood and gives a foundation for the colour and top coats to bind on to. This prevents the top coats from soaking in to the wood unevenly, which in turn helps to prevent a patch uneven finish.
  2. It fills small scratch marks in the wood, and gives a conistent surface which can be sanded evenly and uniformly. Wood's hardness varies on and between the grain. When sanding bare wood, finer grade sandpapers have the cutting power to go through the softer areas but often not the harder parts of the grain. If you were to sand the bare wood to 600 grit, which is the level required to achieve a smooth finish, typically you would end up with undulations across the workpiece where softer parts sand at a faster rate. Sanding sealer prevents this from happening - it forms a thin layer on top of the wood which can itself be sanded uniformly to the required smoothness for professional finishing.

The same effect can be achieved using just the lacquer top coat but we don't recommend it - due to top coat's lower build it takes much, much more lacquer than you would use sanding sealer which not only means the job takes a lot longer, but it can in turn lead to other problems of adhesion and cracking.

Q. When should I apply sanding sealer?

Sanding sealer should be applied after grain filler and applying dye, and before coloured lacquer and top coats. For more information see our finishing guides here: How To Finish

Q. How do I apply sanding sealer?

Cellulose sanding sealer can only be applied by spraying. Our aerosol spray cans are ready to use, simply shake them for two minutes before use and then spray. If using a spray gun or HVLP kit then buy our bottled sanding sealer. Thin it up to 30% with cellulose thinners before spraying.

Q. How much sanding sealer do I need?

Our sanding sealer gives coverage of approximately 8 sq metres per litre.

For a Stratocaster size guitar we recommend 2-3 aerosol spray cans, or 150-250ml of neat bottled sealer.

Q. Which finishes can I use over cellulose sanding sealer?

Tinted Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Clear Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Cellulose Paint (although we recommend using a white or grey cellulose sealer primer instead)
Metallic Cellulose Paint (although we recommend using a white or grey cellulose sealer primer instead)

Q. Which finishes can I use under cellulose sanding sealer?

Thixotropic Grain Filler
Lightfast Spirit Based Wood Dye

Product SKUs: FS5092,FS5090,FS5083,FS5007

Product Reviews

  1. Grey sealer base

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2017

    Excellent base for finishing gloss, used top lacquer too. Brilliant.

  2. Easy to use, great result!

    Posted by Unknown on 6th Sep 2017

    I bought the aerosol version of this product, and I have no complaints. The product went on easy, produced a great surface and gave me no issues at all.

  3. very good product

    Posted by Erhard on 8th Jul 2017

    I like this sealer!

  4. Great product.

    Posted by Stuart on 27th Jan 2017

    Excellent Sealer, perfect for vintage guitar finishes. Very easy to apply and work with.

  5. The Best sanding sealer!

    Posted by Liep Handmade Guitars DK on 13th Oct 2016

    When you follow the instructions, important! Use the right amount of thinner ! It makes the absolutely best base for your clear coat!

  6. Impressive, but buy two.

    Posted by Tom on 26th Jul 2015

    Good stuff, gave a very smooth, easy to work with finish, though it's quite hard to see how much more you may need on a body at times. I should have bought two cans, but I've made do with one.

    Excellent stuff, though.

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