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  • Laminated Mother of Pearl Abalone Veneer Sheets

Laminate Shell Veneer - 240 x 140mm, various thicknesses [MT]

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   Made to order, usually dispatched in 2-4 weeks.

Product Description

Made to order Laminate Shell Sheets available in our full range of shell materials, and with thicknesses varying from 0.15mm to 5mm. Typical lead time is 2-4 weeks.

Quality is an objective term for shell materials, with three things to consider:

  1. The potential beauty of the type of shell. Generally plainer shells, such as freshwater, are lower priced and offer excellent value. Freshwater shell has many of the characteristics as genuine Mother of Pearl and looks stunning when finished, although it does not have the same levels of lustre and pearlescence as mother of pearl.
  2. Colour, which includes the depth and strength of colour (see the blues and greens in our abalone shell) and the level of pearlescence it shows (black and white mother of pearl are very high in this sense).
  3. Damage and defects. Shell, a natural material, is prone to damage both as it grows and when it is processed. 

We are very selective over the shell materials that we stock - our range includes a wide selection of shell types, and all of our laminate shell veneers are of the highest quality.

With a standard sheet size of 240 x 140mm,, laminated shell sheets are incredibly versatile. Available in all the materials that we offer as natural blanks and more (such as Korean and White Abalone), they can be used as an alternative to natural shell blanks for cutting logos and designs, or even as tiles for decorating household objects such as cabinets, furniture and walls.

Mother of pearl and other shell materials such as abalone and paua are beautiful in their natural form. Being natural products, the individual blanks are limited in size - it is impossible to make one-piece shell blanks which are bigger than the original shell itself. Larger shells are particularly difficult to find, and with this rarity comes added cost: doubling the size of the blank will, typically, more than double the price. So, to get around this limitation, for easier cutting and for manufacturing larger inlay and marquetry designs from single pieces, we offer our laminated shell veneer sheets.

Unlike solid natural shell blanks laminate shell veneers are suitable for laser cutting.

Our standard laminated shell veneer sheets do not have a backing, they are shell on both sides. Due to their thinness they are not completely opaque. For best results adhere mother of pearl to a white surface, and paua/abalone to black. To improve the opacity sheets can be layered and stuck together (with a clear epoxy). The thinner sheets can be cut carefully with a craft knife (for best results gently score the surface on the first pass, then apply gentle pressure to cut through the sheet in multiple passes), and affixed to most surfaces using a cyanoacrylate superglue or clear 2-part epoxy.

Laminated shell veneers are produced by permanently adhering ultra-thin slices of real pearl and shell. Cemented with a clear epoxy resin and formed into precisely dimensioned sheets, shell veneers have the distinctive patterns of composite layers of shell. As they use natural materials, their pearlescence, depth and shine are inimitable. They can be formed, cut and polished like real shell.

For extra protection, coat our shell sheet products with an A/B epoxy finish, which will offer them great water and scratch resistance. This is particularly advised if the shell is to be used in a high wear area, such as on cabinet doors or walls, and will also enhance the natural colour and pearlescence of the shell material.


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