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Custom Cut Inlay Designs

Rothko and Frost do not need to tell you that part of the joy of restoring a vintage electric guitar or designing and making your own is adding those finishing details that will absolutely personalise your work. However, we can be there to help you to fully customise your instrument with top quality bespoke mother of pearl inlays. In fact, we pride ourselves on the close working relationship we have built with luthiers and guitar enthusiasts over our years of providing custom cut inlays.

Your role is to create a distinctive, memorable logo that will turn heads and hopefully go some way towards marking you out as one of the top inlay designers of your generation. Ours is to cut that design using precision, obsessive attention to detail and the highest calibre abalone or nacre. You can rest assured that we will keep our end of the bargain and provide you with custom cut inlays that will be the envy of everyone who sees your guitar.