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Custom Waterslide Guitar Headstock Decal (52 Style)

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   Usually printed and dispatched within 3 working days.

Product Description

Ours are the highest quality waterslide decals printed in opaque and truly metallic inks on clear water slide material. The images above show our decals applied to wood and lacquered over - no visible edge, no cloudy backing!

They are compatible with most spray lacquers including acrylic and nitrocellulose. The layout and fonts are as shown in the image(s) above - you can choose the colours and the text that you would like. This design fits most small size 6-in-line electric guitar headstocks.

To order please fill out the options above before clicking "Add to Basket".

The artwork image is labelled with the Part Numbers, i.e. Part 1, Part 2 etc. Generally speaking:

  • Part 1 is the main, largest part of the logo which represents the 'manufacturer's name'. (maximum 9 letters)
  • Part 2 is the 'model name' part of the design. (maximum 15 letters)

Using the example pictured above you would choose and type the following options:

  • Colour: A: Silver Fill + Black Outline + Black Text
  • Part 1: Rothko
  • Part 2: "AND FROST"
  • Coating: No Coating

Please type all text in the case you want it printed, i.e. if you want it in upper case type it in upper case. We will print the words exactly as you type them.

Waterslide decals cannot be applied to oiled surfaces. Full application and finishing instructions are included with each order which we strongly advise you follow closely irrespective of previous decal experience.

Please note: We print using ribbons and there is a visible line where the ribbons meet in some designs. On most decals this is not noticeable. The effect is more pronounced on larger blocks of metallic colour.

Our high quality guitar headstock decals are printed on to fresh, exceptionally thin waterslip paper which gives an incredible finish but some people find more delicate that other waterslide decals they have used in the past. We include an off-cut of material for you to practice with before applying the actual decal so that you can get an idea of how the material behaves. Please note that as these are custom made-to-order items they are exempt from UK Distance Selling Regulations; these decals cannot be returned unless they are proven to be defective or if the design is not as requested. In this situation a replacement will be offered.


  • Our decals are precision made restoration quality decals printed onto the finest quality fresh waterslide paper.
  • We use completely opaque and permanent inks, including truly metallic gold and silver, so unlike decals printed on inkjet or laser printers the colour of our decals is not affected by the colour of the surface underneath - our decals can be used on ANY colour headstock.
  • The paper is ultra thin (allowing for a superior edgeless finish - like the originals), the unprinted areas remain totally transparent, and it is compatible with all spray lacquer types including nitrocellulose.
  • Like all waterslide decals ours can only be applied to sealed, non-porous, non-oily surfaces (for example lacquered wood).
  • They are designed and produced by us in our studio, printed freshly to order.
  • The coatings we use are a liquid form of the decal paper itself. One coat over the top sandwiches the ink. This helps prevent scratches and aids application.

These are CUSTOM decals. Text will be printed in the fonts shown. Your requested design should not contain any trademarks or copyrighted designs unless you are the rights owner or have their express consent to use such marks. By ordering you agree to these terms.

Basic Application Instructions

  1. Sand your lacquered headstock to 600 grit.
  2. Cut the decal to a 'smooth pebble' shape - a precise outline is unnecessary.
  3. Soak for a couple of seconds in water, then apply to headstock.
  4. Smooth out and dry with tissue paper, then leave overnight to fully adhere.
  5. Spray over with some clear lacquer.
  6. Polish the headstock for a professional finish. Our Complete Polishing Kit is ideal for this and contains everything you need for hand polishing lacquers to a high gloss.

Product Videos

How To Apply Waterslide Guitar Headstock Decals 05:23

Full video guide on how to apply our custom waterslide guitar headstock decals. Decal supplied by www.CustomLuthierSupply.com 0:12 Unpacking 1:24 Trimming 2:16 Positioning 2:30 Applying 3:20 Smoothing

  • How To Apply W...
    Full video guide on how to apply our custom waterslide guitar ...

Product Reviews

  1. Great product

    Posted by mark on 24th Nov 2017

    Very good quality and arrived exactly as advertised. Instructions for use were very clear and accurate.

  2. Very good product

    Posted by Freelance on 1st Nov 2017

    Ordered a custom waterslide for a build project and got exactly what I wanted. Very east to apply.

  3. Excellent product. Easy to use.

    Posted by Tim on 25th Sep 2017

    This was the first time I had used a waterslide transfer since making Airfix kits as a child.
    Although very easy to use it was definitely worth practising with the test piece first.
    Transfer went on easily, looks great & after a few coats of lacquer, edges are almost invisible.

  4. Perfect results

    Posted by Jim Bordner on 19th Jul 2017

    The thinnest, clearest decal I've ever seen. The edges almost disappeared before top coating, and a single mist coat made them vanish. The printing is excellent and the metallic inks the real colors you expect. It takes a while to get them delivered from the UK, but it's worth the wait for the best.

  5. Really Cool Decal!

    Posted by Adrian R Krebs on 3rd May 2017

    Came promptly and as I instructed. A tiny smidge of ink came off while applying, but that could have been my error. Great films to deal with and great decals!

  6. Super nice work.

    Posted by Jim Bordner on 28th Feb 2017

    Exactly as promised: a cool design, real metallic inks, a razor sharp image. Would definitely order again.

  7. Recommended+++

    Posted by Ulrich Zmaila on 29th Nov 2016

    Great customer support, great product, fast delivery. Highly recommended!!!

  8. Professional finish touch for your headstock!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jan 2016

    This decal is really a great quality product: it's very thin, so the edges are almost invisible (even before lacquering). Used font is really similar to 50s style and the metallic ink used is clearly a high quality one.
    Apart from the unquestionable quality of the product, I can't say nothing but good about the package, that contains plenty of instructions and blank additional waterslide decal to test the applying procedure before working on the custom decal.
    I'm really pleased with the product itself and with the fast service/delivering, so I'd reccommend this product to anyone: you can't go wrong with it!

  9. My decal

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jan 2015

    This was a nice product, very crisp and sharp.
    It fitted nice (after some trimming) and I'm very satisfied with the result.
    I would definately recommend Rothko and Frost to my guitar building friends.

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