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Filler, Masking, Prep

Measure twice, cut once - that is the tailor's mantra. The wood restorer's should be something like: fill grain, stop cracks, stabilise knots before even entertaining thoughts of abrasives or finishes. It isn't particularly catchy, granted, but it is crucial for the best foundation for any wood restoration job, from a fancy French polish to a lick of lacquer.

Rothko and Frost are stockists of Liberon's superb collection of Repair and Prepare wood preparation materials, for both interior and exterior wood restoration. They are the wood care experts, so go for their wood filler, wood stopping or wood knotting products for peace of mind for general wood preparation.

For preparing wood surfaces for finishes such as nitrocellulose or acrylic, choose Rothko and Frost's clear or dark thixotropic wood grain filler. It is available in a range of colours, so you can choose the best match for your wood. So that the filler's maximum potential is reached and your lacquer or paint has the smoothest, flattest surface to adhere to, read our vital PDF guide: How To Use Thixotropic Grain Filler.