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No instrument, from a bespoke guitar built from scratch to a deadline to a vintage beauty lovingly restored over several years, is complete without the finishing touches provided by wood, shell, abalone, mother of pearl, paua, recon stone or celluloid embellishments. 

Whether you are replacing or repairing dots on your fingerboard, adding logos to your headstock or creating elaboarate designs for your fretboard or the main body of your guitar, peruse these pages to find the right guitar inlay material for your job. This is your one-stop shop for the materials which will provide unique decoration or markings for your guitar; and also, crucially, give you the means of protecting your instrument's edges.

Our products range from pre-cut shapes, complex designs and letters ready for you to install, to inlay blanks, shell laminate sheets and binding and purfling edging strips for you to cut as desired. We will also cut personalised designs or names to your exact specifications.