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Guitar Inlays

Whether traditional, retro or highly customised, the overall effect of a finished guitar is inextricably linked with the layout and material of the fingerboard inlays. While relatively tiny individually, a full set of inlays in a complementary colour to the guitar's neck can produce jaw-dropping aesthetic results. It should go without saying that no fingerboard is complete without the classic fret markers which change in width and/or length the further down the fretboard they are inlaid.

Create a distinct identity for your classical, acoustic or electric guitar by making the right choice of inlay shape set. Our selection includes the ever-popular abalone block inlay set and the vintage crown-shaped celluloid inlay set. Using Rothko and Frost's inlay shape sets, your fretboard inlay scheme can be a traditional one or one that is personalised. Whichever fret arrangement you choose, make sure it is marked beautifully by one of our utterly essential instrument inlay shape sets.