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Inlay Blanks & Pieces

Sometimes, pre-cut mother of pearl stars or one 6mm recon stone dot from a pack of five just do not cut it for the serious luthier, vintage guitar restorer or guitar-building hobbyist.

Perhaps your fretboard has one non-standard positional marker missing or you need to replace a uniquely shaped emblem in your headstock. Maybe you are halfway through carving the hole for your own elaborate inlay design on a guitar body, piece of jewellery or cabinet, when you realise you have misjudged the amount of abalone you require. Or, possibly, you woke up one morning wanting to try your hand at pietra dura.

Whatever your situation, inlay materials are, fairly understandably, not always designed with your own, personalised projects in mind.

That's where our inlay blanks come in. Cut to a variety of precise sizes, with a consistent thickness and finish, all you need to do is use a jeweller's saw to create the perfect shapes for your own custom inlays. Choose your desired quantity or order blanks individually. They will arrive polished on one side and unpolished on the other, ready for you to use as you require.