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What's the deal with dartfords? Our new brands.

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As you may have noticed we have transitioned our wood finishes over to a new brand and labelling, dartfords.

It might prove to be a mad decision but we've paid for all the labelling now so it's unlikely to be reversed. When we started we just put everything under the Rothko and Frost brand, but have started to find it a little confusing as we're the company/brand/shop all in one, so have split our ranges into more focussed brands that'll make the lines more cohesive, make it easier to support our dealers, and hopefully in the long run make it easier for you to find the products and information you need.

We've got a few new brands, here's what they all do:

dartfords is wood finishes including paints, lacquers, dyes, solvents, prep materials, pigments etc.

Luthitec is our professional grade guitar parts and tools. These are all typically made in USA, Japan or by us here in the UK.

Borderlands is a range of standard replacement guitar parts.

Incudo Precision covers all inlay stuff, including materials, veneers, custom logos and ready-cut shapes.

WoodRiffs is something we've spent a lot of time on but basically kept completely schtum about - all made by us in our UK workshop, this is a selection of wooden replacement parts for guitars. Typically plates and covers, but also some surprisingly intricate bits like fully contoured humbucker pickup rings.

While the labels may have changed the products inside and the quality that we always work so hard to achieve has not, so please don't be alarmed.

Any questions please drop me an email directly on simon @ rkfst.co.uk

All the best,


MD, Rothko and Frost

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