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Equipment, Sundries

Dusting, polishing, buffing, mixing, thinning, degreasing, paint spraying. Do these words inspire you or fill you with dread? Either way, if this is the page you have arrived at after a cursory internet search, then you are in the right place for the vital equipment to help you complete your current wood finishing job. We have all the rags and tack cloths you can shake a paint mixing stick at, but you need to choose the right application method for your wood finish. Go for the traditional cotton waste for French polishing or the more technical (but, crucially, still easy to use) paint sprayer for a professional, smooth lacquer or paint finish.

We also stock many thinners for diluting and cleaning up the paints and lacquers used in the finishing of a wide variety of surfaces. Particular thinners need to be matched with the appropriate stain, lacquer or paint. Before you settle on your thinner, make sure you read our detailed advice on which thinners and solvents are compatible with which finishes.