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Pre-cut Inlay Shapes

To add a classic touch of radiance to your instrument, jewellery or furniture, Rothko and Frost stock pre-cut inlay shapes in a variety of nacre or paua finishes. If you need a small, complex inlay shape to add an ornamental flourish to a wooden box or want to uphold the continuity of a restored guitar's fret markers, browse our collection of stars, diamonds, circles, ovals and snowflakes. Whether you are interested in the heraldic and religious connotations of the ancient stylised lily motif or simply crave an image that represents trusted, traditional guitar design for your headstock, choose a fleur-de-lis inlay from our selection.

Our mother of pearl and abalone inlay shapes are cut from the natural shell to a uniform thickness and can be polished to a high shine, adding a glimmering beauty to fingerboards and furniture. They are meticulously cut so that you can be certain that you will receive shapes of a consistent size. While the sizing of the inlay shapes is rigorously monitored, the appearance of each shell shape will reflect its natural origins, in that none will have the exact markings of another. This ensures an individual beauty and striking cosmetic finesse for each of your projects.