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Repair & Touch-up

When you have gone through the pain-staking process of restoring a piece of furniture to its original, French polished glory or have lovingly built up the appropriate layers of a lacquered finish on a musical instrument, it can be soul-destroying to discover cracks or blemishes in the finish.

Never fear. Wood touch-up pens, retouch crayons or wax or Shellac filler sticks are at hand for filling small holes and cracks in wood finishes when you do not need to fully re-finish the whole surface. Heat marks from a poorly placed coffee mug and water marks can also be a thing of the past when you use an appropriate ring removal product from our selection of wood repair supplies. We also stock wax and polish remover for the day-to-day upkeep and cleaning of exquisite and vulnerable finishes on fine furniture and interior wood.

Rothko and Frost's repair and touch-up materials will help you to easily keep your polished, varnished or lacquered wood in pristine condition.