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Artwork Setup

If you do not have an in-house designer or the software expertise to complete your own logo, decal or inlay design please get in touch to take advantage of our Artwork Setup service. Examples of what we can do are:

  • Redrawing a sketch as a polished design.
  • Redrawing from a photograph for restoration projects.
  • Setting up a design in a suitable format for decal printing.
  • Drawing artwork suitable for merchandise and promotional materials.

Artwork Setup is charged at £40 / hour + VAT. Minimum charge is £10.

Decal Printing

We have been supplying our waterslide decals to factories, luthiers and hobbyists worldwide since 2009. Waterslide decals are suitable for many applications including guitar and bicycle logos. Sitting under the lacquer, they give a very high quality professional finish to products. As they are lacquered over they typically offer greater longevity than vinyl or other alternatives.

With no minimum order quantity we can offer custom decals for everything from one-off projects to entire production runs.

Inlay Cutting

Using contemporary design and high precision manufacturing processes we can provide ready-cut inlays, as well as pre-cut inlay pockets ready for fitting. Our techniques ensure fast turnaround and consistent results even with natural and typically difficult to machine materials such as mother of pearl.

Our inlay cutting service can save you countless hours of manual cutting and pocket making, whether it is a one-off custom build or for regular production pieces. If an ongoing supply is required we can ofer regular monthly deliveries of a pre-agreed number of inlays and inlaid items.

Parts & Kit Supply

Our relationships with instrument factories around the world allow us to offer a vast selection of parts and kits for makers and luthiery schools. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Wood & Sheet Machining

With modern CNC and CAD/CAM facilities we can offer full 3D and 2D wood and non-ferrous sheet material machining to your design. Typical examples of this include guitar bodies, pickguards and nameplates.