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Comparison of Sheets & Veneers

Type Colours/Patterns Max Size Recommended Adhesive
Acrylic Tortoiseshell 300 x 250 x 3mm [SI] Double Sided Adhesive
Bakelite Black 390 x 225 x 2mm Screw
Double Sided Adhesive
Cellulose Acetate Butyrate White, Cream, Brown, Black

200 x 100x 1.5mm [SI]
1700 x 100 x 2.0mm [MT]

Binding Cement
Cellulose Acetate Tortoiseshell, Pearl, Onyx

465 x 165 x 1mm [SI]
Other thicknesses [MT]

Binding Cement
Cellulose Nitrate Ivoroid, Pearloid, Tortoiseshell

Depends on pattern, some up to
1500 x 600mm

Binding Cement
Double Sided Adhesive
Fibreboard Black

250 x 150 x 3mm [SI]
2500 x 1500 x 3mm [MT]

Wood Glue (Titebond)
Flexible Laminate Shell Veneer Pearl, Abalone

240 x 140 x 0.08mm [SI]

Laminate Shell Veneer Pearl, Abalone

240 x 140 x 0.15mm [SI]
240 x 140 x 5mm [MT]

PVC Acoustic Pickguard Black, Pearloid, Tortoiseshell, Clear

Varies by colour, typically:
290 x 180 x 0.5mm [SI] or
290 x 210 x 0.5mm [SI]

PVC Electric Pickguard Solid colours, Pearls, Tortoise

430 x 290mm [SI]

Double Sided Adhesive
PVC Truss Rod Cover Black / White Multi-Ply 300 x 200mm [SI] Epoxy
Solid Recon Stone Blanks Turquoise, Jasper, Jade, Azurite 50 x 50 x 1.5mm [SI] CA Superglue
Solid Shell Blanks Pearl, Abalone, 

50 x 50mm [SI]
Many other sizes [MT]

CA Superglue
Solid Wood Many species

190 x 90 x 2mm [SI]
Varies a lot! [MT]

Wood Glue (Titebond)

Inlay & Marquetry Sheets and Veneers

Particularly crucial for the jeweller, cabinet maker, luthier, sticker and decal manufacturer, marquetry artist, furniture restorer and anyone-who-needs-a-thin-bit-of-stuff, veneer sheets are thin, flat facings used alone or adhered to other materials for decorative effect. Rothko and Frost stock sheets in a variety of materials, such as cellulose acetate, cellulose nitrate, plastic and the traditional wood veneer, so you will be able to find the exact colours, patterns and properties to craft your project to your exact requirements.

As an artist or craftsperson you will already have a clear idea of the cosmetic effect you desire from your choice of veneer. Our catalogue includes coloured, ivoroid, pearloid, shell and tortoiseshell sheets, so your logos, inlays, earrings and desks can be finished to the specifications you have in mind. When choosing your veneer, consider also the method of cutting you will use. Some veneer sheets are more straightforward to cut than others. Cellulose acetate, for example, is more user-friendly and pliant than wood. However, wood veneers have the ornamental advantage of displaying the most interesting and beautiful grain markings of the original tree.

Let us know if you need advice on the correct glues to use for attaching veneer to your object, or choose a self-adhesive veneer if this would be more practical for you.