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What are Waterslide Decals?

Waterslide decals are for transferring logos on to painted or lacquered surfaces. They consist of a very thin film on to which the design is printed. After being soaked in water to loosen them from their backing paper the decal film - with the design - can be slid in to position.

The waterslide material we use is exceptionally thin so when the decals are lacquered over - which they must be - the edges vanish and the unprinted areas remain completely clear. As a result it looks like the design is a part of the surface, giving a similar effect to if the design was painted straight on.

Because they are printed it is possible to achieve a very high level of detail, far greater than with painting, airbrushing, or cut vinyl transfers, making them ideal for placing logos on instruments or graphics on items such as cases, helmets, or control panels.

All of our inks are opaque and waterproof so the colour of the design is not affected by the colour of the surface which the decal is applied to.

Waterslide decals are not suitable for use on oiled surfaces.