We are suppliers of specialist and customised materials for instrument, furniture, jewellery, model and craft makers.


The company was started back in 2009 by Simon, initially specialising in custom decals for guitar makers and repairers, and since then our range has grown in response to customer needs and requirements.

Luthiers remain our core market, but as our range of materials expands we are able to service wider industries. Some examples include panels and tiles for interiors, dyes and edgings for furniture, carving and turning blanks for crafters, colour decals for model makers and mother of pearl for jewellery makers.

We are a small team based in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

Simon, Rothko and Frost

Simon, The Boss

"I started the company as a hobby, designing and making custom decals for guitar makers and repairers, and it all grew from there. As well as the day-to-day running I enjoy getting involved in R&D and customer support. It is our customers who have grown the business, who inspire our next plans and developments, and who we do out best to help every day."

Seja, Rothko and Frost

Seja, The Designer

Seja was the first employee to join the team back in 2010. As well as telling Simon which ideas are rubbish and which might just work, Seja takes charge of design and decals. Photos on the site, custom designs, waterslide decals, illustrations, charts and guides - Seja does them all. 

Red, Rothko and Frost

Red, The Maker

Roger, a.k.a. Red, is our machinist, maker and doer of anything else that needs to be done. Order anything that requires any milling or lasering and Red will be the one making it, and in between he'll be doing his best to keep everything tidy and organised (despite Simon's best efforts to the contrary).

People are often surprised to learn we are such a small team. Our backgrounds in design and engineering, dedication to innovation and close relationships with our fulfilment and production partners mean we can offer impact at any scale, on projects large and small. All this, while retaining what we believe to be the best aspects of dealing with a small company - personal service, expert advice and a real connection to our customers.

Since the start we have followed the same basic principles of quality, innovation and knowledge. We make and develop so many of our own products in order to be sure they are as good as can be. This extensive development means we have a significant knowledge of our materials and their applications - if you have any questions regarding your own project please don't hesitate to get in touch.

As of 2018 we are continuing to expand our range of specialist products and services, and to make them available to yet wider audiences of designers and makers.