Waterslide Decals in Your Design

Do you have your own design, logo or idea for your custom waterslide decals? Maybe you need a sheet of decals for a model, your guitar company logo, or a bespoke sheet of waterslides for use on a product prototype? How about 1000 sheets for your latest production run?

Whatever your use, we can print your totally custom waterslide decals in either a one-off or bulk quantity.

There are a couple of ways to order depending on what artwork you are able to provide, or how developed your logo idea is. Please see the different options and requirements below, each of which leads through to a particular listing on our site through which you can order your decals.

Colour Options

CMYW colour waterslide decal print

A: CMY+White

This is closest to what you'd be used to from home and office printers. Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are printed together as almost imperceptibly small dots. These dots combine to give the effect of many other colours. For example, Cyan and Magenta together give a dark blue. Magenta and Yellow looks red. By varying the ratios of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow thousands of colours are possible, as are gradient effects.

B: Spot Colours


Option 1 - You can provide PNGs

Who is this option for?

Option 1 assumes that you have finished artwork drawn in a format that you can export as we require, and you don't need us to redraw or make any modifications to your design. For example, if you have your set of model decals drawn in Illustrator, or you've drawn your logo in Photoshop.

  • Have drawn your logo, which can be any combination of text and shapes, using professional level drawing software. For example Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw.
  • Can export your design as a series of PNG files on transparent backgrounds, one PNG for each fo
Order with your artwork

Option 2 - You need us to redraw


Option 3 - Your logo is a font