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Many personalised and custom items can be ordered directly through our website at fixed prices. If you need something not listed online, or have some more specific questions or requirements, please use the form below to request a quote for your needs.

With each enquiry please give us as much detail as you can. Useful things to know are:

  • Dimensions of each piece
  • Colours or materials
  • Quantity
  • If you already have artwork or a design (please upload this with the enquiry)

We are able to make and quote for:

Custom Decals Waterslide decals in your own design, in either CMYK (process) colour, or black/white/silver/gold. We supply up to A3 in sheet size, and our decals have been used on many products including guitars, pianos, models, prototypes, helmets, motorbikes, bicycles, candles, nails and more.

Custom Inlays Inlays are often found on premium instruments and products. We are able to cut mother of pearl, shell, wood and all of our plastics into small, intricate logos and patterns. We can also provide them ready-inlaid into a veneer or item such as a guitar fingerboard to save you the work, and to ensure an exceptional quality finish.

Custom Sheet Cutting Our sheet stock includes hundreds of designs in materials such as PVC, acrylic, acetate, shell, celluloid and wood. With our specialist in-house CNC technology we can cut all of these sheets in to shapes and patterns of your design. 

Bulk Quantities Should you require bulk quantities of any of our products (typically 50pcs +), please get in touch and speak to the boss for your own bespoke pricing.