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Our Custom Headstock Decals - What Makes Them Special

 Trusted Worldwide

We supply luthier and guitar companies worldwide. Whether working on a single project or making thousands of instruments you will receive consistently high quality decals that give amazing results.

 Waterproof Inks

The inks we use are totally waterproof, so the design doesn't run or fade when the decal is soaked in water and it doesn't need lacquering before you apply it.

 Metallic Print

Our gold and silver inks are truly metallic, giving an amazing shine as the light moves across them.

 Detailed Application Instructions

We provide detailed professionally printed application instructions with every order, guiding you through the process of applying your headstock decal for a perfect finish.

 Compatible with Nitrocellulose

Our decals are compatible with most spray lacquers including Nitrocellulose, Pre-Cat and 1K.

 Ultra Thin, Edge Free

Incredibly thin waterslide decal material gives an edge-free finish that cannot be seen once lacquered.

 Opaque Inks

Our inks are completely solid, so the decals can be applied to any colour surface. Even our white print shows up on black headstocks.

 Designs for All Headstocks

Wide range of designs for all headstock shapes, with many fonts and colour combinations available. Want something even more custom? Email us with your artwork.

 High Definition Print

Professional quality high definition print on all of our decals, with every design drawn in-house by our experienced artwork team.

How To Apply