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Lacquer, Paint, Varnish

Wood lacquer can be clear or opaque and produce any sheen finish from matt to high gloss. Lacquer typically dries to a durable, hard and smooth surface and is the finish found on vintage cars and guitars. You may also need to use a varnish or sealant to protect your base layers of paint or lacquer. We stock our own Rothko and Frost lacquer products and guitar paint supplies, as well as well-known leading brands, giving you exclusive access to a wide choice of varnish finishes.

You will find that we have a huge range of personally chosen colours, both vintage and more contemporary, with several application processes including waterborne finishes for both spray gun and aerosol application. Finding the right product for your project will not be difficult, but plumping for a colour from the selection here could prove trickier. Having said that, Rothko and Frost have thoughfully put in the time-consuming, frustrating (especially if you have dodgy screen calibration) legwork of researching historically accurate colours for vintage cars and guitars for you. So if you are aiming to replicate a particular period, let us advise you.

There are, of course, other crafts that these products are perfect for, antique furniture restoration being one example. Use shellac to produce the highest quality French polish wood finish; a melamine lacquer for a high shine effect or a cellulose product for a finish that can itself be polished and produce high abrasion resistance.