Shipping after Brexit

Ever since we started back in 2009 Rothko and Frost have been an international company, with customers from all corners of the globe. Europe has always been close to us, both personally and in terms of our customers. In spite of Brexit, we at R&F remain committed to continuing to serve our valued and long-standing European customer base.

Here are some common questions we get asked about what shopping with us will be like after Brexit.

I'm in the EU, can I still buy from you?


We will still be able to supply European customers, just as we have been for the last 11 years.

Can you still ship x to me?


There is no change in the items we can sell and ship to you. Nitroceellulose paints, wood dyes, decals, mother of pearl, acrylic - large, small, liquid.. our complete range will still be available to you.

Will shipping be more expensive?


We will not be changing our shipping prices as a direct result of Brexit. We review our shipping charges annually based on the latest rates from the courier but do not currently have any increases planned.

Will I still have to pay UK tax?


You will no longer be charged UK VAT on your order. UK VAT, our sales tax, is 20%. So something that currently costs £12 is made up of £10 + £2 tax. After Brexit, this will be £10 with no tax.

Will there be import duty?


As a result of the Trade Deal agreed over Christmas there will be no import duty to pay.

Will shipping take longer?


Initially shipping may take an extra couple of days due to delays at ports, compounded by the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

Ultimately we foresee shipments taking at most 1-2 days longer due to possible customs checks. All of our EU courier shipments are sent with UPS, who have recently implemented a new paperless document system to help make any customs processing as quick and smooth as possible.

We have been selling worldwide for over 10 years so are well versed in cross-border shipments and have the infrastructure in place to deal with whatever requirements there are come 2021.